Happy  New Year

As I sit here bringing in the new year with the love of my life I think to myselfwhat will I ….. 

Will I try harder? Will I live better? Will I pursue that which I have not? 

What I hope to accomplish this new year is being.

Can I just be? Can I be in the moment of my child asking me to help him build a puzzle or play, or my little girl beating me up?
Can I just stop worrying about them becoming adults and focus on me returning to childhood.
Can I stop the fast forward of time and hit pause?
This year will be a year, but will it be a year I remember or a year I want to move past?
So my New Years Resolution is remember Time, it is creeping.
2017 you are my best year yet

Blank Spaces

I take a look and what do I see?

I stare and I stare and imagine it’s me.

I indulge and I put myself into that wonderful life.

The sights and the sounds it all just seems right.

I scootch a bit closer to get the full scale

The perfection that’s captured in exquisite detail.

As I intoxicatingly lose myself in this moment in time

Down in the corner something catches my eye. 

I see a blank space and then I see more.

I think to myself those weren’t there before.

It looks like the artist tried to cover them up.

He did a good job but just quite not enough.

His third failed marriage I see near the border.

That space over there a kid crying and no one to hold her.

Parents who can not seemed to be bothered 

A new toy that appeases the abandoned toddler.

As I sit back aghast in my chair 

A space filled with a cocktail of pills sits neatly prepared.

Debt up to his eyeballs to keep up with the Joneses.

It’s horrible to see what blank spaces exposes.

As that feeling of envy transforms into despair

That dream that I wanted fades into thin air.

A masterpiece witnessed if glanced from afar.

But those blank spaces, those blank spaces tell who we are.

Envy has authored those farces held up with esteem

Perspective is needed to see the story behind the story believed.