I Dropped The Bomb On You

Biggest bombed dropped that isn’t a nuke

A world away the earth shook evil off with little rebuke

A ticker, a headline, then on with our day

Without two seconds thought about what was displayed

Who dropped the fire? Who pushed the button?

Who ended those lives with little discussion?

The power easily given to murder and maime 

As long as it is a world away

They were bad I was told resolving all guilt

Responsibility dismissed to murder at will

It wasn’t those on capitol hill who were scared into devastation 

They just sold it as the only option

We bowed to them and said go murder those scary unknows 

Do everything possible to keep them out of our homes.

We go to our jobs and we tighten the screws, we vote them in, and we watch the news.

We support murder and we support maime

We support hell on earth, we support pain

We support armies, we support tanks

We herald killing as if their to blame

What about the other side, is the story the same

Why are we not the evil the world likes to blame

What happens when the story were told gets contorted

Do we continue supporting our own lives destroyed

When you see a bomb dropped on the news and applaud it

Realize it could be you if the masses support it

Poisoned From Birth







If you don’t quite understand the above let me break it down for you.

  1. Precondition-A condition that must be fullfilled before other things can happen or be done.
  2. Opaque- Not able to see through, not transparent.
  3. Ideologies- A system of ideas or ideals.
  4. Systematically- According to a fixed plan or system; methodically.
  5. Obliterating- Destroy utterly; wipe out.
  6. Nuances- A subtle difference in or shade of meaning.

Basically what this boils down to is this. Your world has been setup to agree with what you agree with. It is a self reinforcing system. It’s a system that runs in the background of our daily lives. It automatically perceives and accepts those things that agree with your system. Which makes it stronger. It avoids or destroys those that don’t. It goes unnoticed until something challenges that system. That’s when you can consciously decide to change. At that point your environment changes to accept this new reality or deny it and return to normal. 

This is why change is hard. You are trying to override a system that has been in place since birth and is reinforced at every opportunity. Don’t believe me? Do you believe we are born racist, or angry, or prefering soda over vegetables? We are born as basically a blank slate, to a point, and just as we learn to read and write we learn to be scared, mean, and eat like crap.

Poison is something that has been installed in you from day one. It’s been installed thru generations, friends, neighbors, schools, churches, every little miniscule input that is our daily lives. Your surroundings arrange themselves in an ongoing methodical self reinforcing process to self serve and preserve this system. The more the cycle repeats the more opaque it becomes, hence old people stuck in their ways. 

To break the reinforcing cycle you need to override it. You can do this with either a big shock or a conscious consistent incrementally increasing change. The shock approach will take a shorter time but it will be way harder to sustain unless the shock is so big that it completely overrides the system. An example of this would be death of a loved one from alcoholism and you drink alot and want to change. The other way takes longer but will last and is easier. 

As Ghandi said “you must be the change you want to see in the world.”

So stop poisoning yourself.